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We sell alcohol fuel conversion systems that allow gasoline-operated vehicles to run on ethanol, gasoline, or any combination of the two. We offer the most advanced conversion kits on the market, which come equipped with a five-year warranty and are MADE IN THE USA, with customer service you can depend on. Our conversion kits can be installed on any vehicle with a fuel-injection system. Although often referred to as E-85 (85% ethanol; 15% gas) kits,  they are actually designed to work perfectly well on home-produced E-100 straight ethanol.

Ethanol is less expensive than gas, is better for your car’s engine, delivers more horsepower, significantly reduces emissions, and is rapidly becoming more available worldwide. Alcohol fuel conversion kits have been in use for over 20 years in Brazil and have been successfully installed on approximately 50,000 cars. There have been no reports of engine damage resulting from conversion kits or from running on ethanol.

Ethanol is a much cleaner-burning fuel than gasoline, and it offers a significant reduction in carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon tailpipe emissions. Research has shown that every city and state that has switched to ethanol-blended fuel has experienced improved air quality. According to the United States Department of Energy, ethanol-blended fuels reduced CO2-equivalentgreenhouse gas emissions by 7.8 million tons in 2005 alone; this has the effect of removing more than 1 million automobiles from the road. 


It's easy to get your gas-powered vehicle to run clean, American-grown freedom fuel! Car dealers and auto shops are now installing these kits as a service. If you don't want to install one yourself, we can help you locate an auto shop near you that can help.


  • This product comes with a five-year parts warranty which is dated from the date that the order is placed, ending at 12:00 a.m. on the five-year anniversary of that date.
  • This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship.  It does not cover damage to the product due to improper assembly or installation.
  • Damage caused by external causes, such as contamination with water, washing solutions, cleaning products, exposure to magnetism, impact, heat damage due to improper installation near hot exhaust, supercharger, or turbocharger components, etc., is not covered either.
  • It is the purchaser’s responsibility to mail this product back to us in such a manner as to ensure that it is not damaged in the mail, and it arrives within five (5) business days  (Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays are not included) from the expiration date of the warranty.          
  • Full repair or replacement of this product is covered by this warranty.  Shipping charges, loss of use, rental car coverage, liability, towing, and labor are not covered under this warranty.
  • Transferability:  This warranty is  not transferable.  It is granted to the original purchaser, for installation on the original vehicle for which it was purchased only.


This product may be returned by the original purchaser unopened for refund if it is received in perfect and uninstalled condition. If the customer has opened the package, the product will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, which must include additional time and expenses...after the initial assessment and visual inspection by our staff... for mailing it to the factory for testing on a simulator or other testing apparatus. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to see to it that the product is delivered to the specified address within 30 days from the date that the order was placed.  To make arrangements, call Scotty at (510) 337-4311.


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Product Disclaimer

This product has not undergone the CARB assessment process and does not have an official CARB waiver or executive order number.   We are available to advise you in the correct application of CARB guidelines with regard to this product by phone, at (510) 337-4311.  Ask for Scotty. 

Buyer is responsible for checking whether CARB guidelines apply in the state where vehicle is registered before purchase. Certain other states also conform to CARB guidelines in this regard.   It is CARB policy that installation of a product that has no CARB waiver or executive order number mandates driving for racing or off-road use only, and never on a public road or highway.