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The ACBAG affiliate program is temporarily on hold
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THANK YOU for your support of this important work! 

Welcome to the Affiliates area of Alcohol Can Be A Gas! As an Affiliate, you can help create energy independence, reverse global warming, help us fight MegaOilron propaganda and survive Peak Oil, while making money! We offer you the opportunity to make a commission (usually 10%) from every sale of products and services related to Alcohol Can Be A Gas! You'll get a personalized <> link which contains a code that identifies you. You use this link when you stand up to propaganda in forums or internet comments areas after radio, television or print articles against alcohol, as well as when you send out mailings to your emails, blogs, on place it on your site,  etc. When people click on the link—which leads them back to our site—and they buy books, DVDs, other products and workshops from our site, you get a commission. So you do well while doing good! Affiliates also get early notices of any new interviews or articles that Dave Blume writes, to send out to their network.

All you have to do is spread the word.

To learn more, watch the video Dave made to introduce you to our Affiliate program.

1:45 minute video from David Blume



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