The Charles 803 model alcohol still plans by Robert Warren


Robert Warren's Fuel  Alcohol Distillery.

More than a quarter century ago, David Blume's former student Robert Warren attended one of David Blume's alcohol fuel workshops in Sacramento, California.  From that experience and information he built this fractional column  alcohol still with optional automatic temperature control. It allows you to make 180-190 proof alcohol, at the rate of about 2 gallons per hour! It's a good way to learn how to make alcohol a few gallons at a time. 

You can make this still in one or two weekends, if you have some basic hand tools and a propane soldering torch. No welding is required, since it's made from copper pipe and tubing.  
We will mail you a hard copy of Robert's blueprints for building this high-proof alcohol fuel still, as well as a CD containing a 40-page color illustrated manual (800KB PDF), with clear and detailed instructions for building the distillery, including step-by-step photos.


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