Alcohol Research

Suggestions for Ethanol Research:

General Ethanol Information:

The Alcohol Glossary, compiled by John E. Murtagh

Journey to Forever, based in Japan , is a great all-round resource for biofuels, community development, and appropriate technology.

Ethanol | The Energy Balance of Ethanol | Food or Fuel | Ethanol resources on the web | JTF Online Biofuels Library | Mother's Alcohol Fuel Seminar | Schools participation | Farm-scale ethanol fuel production plant |

Green Trust: Green Trust is a NY-based non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of renewable, sustainable technology.

Ethanol | More on Alcohol | In Defense of Alcohol | Anhydrous Ethanol | Dehydrating Alcohol Using Glycerin |

The Online Distillery Network for Distilleries & Fuel Ethanol Plants Worldwide

"Alcohol Distillation: Basic principles, equipment, performance, relationships and safety," Purdue University

Do-It-Yourself Ethanol Projects:

"How to Modify Your Car to run on Alcohol Fuel," by Roger Lippman

"Convert Your Car to Alcohol," by Keat B. Drane

"Home Distillation of Alcohol," by Tony Ackland

"Make Your Own Fuel," by Robert Warren

"Making and Testing a Biodiesel Fuel made from Ethanol and Waste French-Fry Oil," a printable file (PDF) from the University of Idaho

"The Manual for Home and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel," by S.W. Mathewson

Energy Information Portal of the U.S. Department of Energy

Research on Ethanol:

The Journey to Forever Biofuels Library has a wealth of emissions information

University of Idaho, John Van Gerpen

A search for ethanol on the University of Minnesota's site

"Powered by Your Liquor Cabinet, New Biofuel Cell Could Replace Rechargeable Batteries," Saint Louis University

"Ethanol Fuel Additive May Help Solve Diesel Emissions Puzzle," Argonne National Laboratory

"Details of Fuels," a printable file (PDF) from Comparison of Transport Fuels, Australian Greenhouse Office

Ethanol Organizations:

Ethanol Producers and Consumers

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition

Renewable Fuels Association

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